Prairie Portraits, Inc.
by Shelley Heath


Families, children and schools are my specialties, with a few senior here and there.  They each have their element of fun and challenge.  Families are the base of everything.  Within a family, anything can be done and achieved.  They are the ones that see us at our best and worst and still love unconditionally.  When time changes, and life goes on, the best we can have is to hold onto a memory that warms our heart.

I love babies!  I love their tiny features, I love watching them grow, I love seeing their personality appear!  As your baby turns into a toddler, their little personality will come out.  It's so fun to capture their funny little faces.

I forgot how much fun seniors were until I got to take my own daughter's senior pictures this year.  Seniors have difficult schedules as they try to fit in senior year activities, and if our schedules match up, I would love to capture your senior year as well.

And schools are the heart of all communities.  It is at school that our children gain experiences that will enhance them as an adult.  I love learning the students at the school and keeping up with them through out their school years and through their sports teams.